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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Progressive Pool Party. And after party.

Our neighborhood has a progressive pool party every summer--4 houses, 2 hours each starting early in the afternoon and ending late at night. (The last house is not actually 2 hours...) Last year was the first year we went. It was neat to see the yards and chat with our community.

Everyone is supposed to bring something to share to one of the houses. I'm an overachiever so I did more than that. I took the pickles I made a while ago using cucumbers from our garden to the first party where appetizers were being served.

I took cantaloupe sorbet on cake Popsicle sticks for the second party where frozen treats are served. The sorbet was great.
I had my own dinner quickly at one of our stops at home. I took pineapple coconut juice and Malibu as my tasty beverage but I waited till the last party to start drinking.

Our friends, R and M and H, came out to the last party and wanted to go out so we checked out a couple of bars in the area. We suggested Longhorn so we could eat but we went to Roman's Oasis. There was no food. There was a live band in a really hot room and a not great DJ in the cooler room. We eventually left.

The guys wanted to stop at Jack in the Box.This is one of the harder parts of my awesome diet. Everyone is eating hot smelly food while I'm eating a Larabar or something. It sucks so hard.

After that, we went to Longhorn but it was too late to eat and there was hardly anyone there. It was weird. We thought there was always a band on Saturday night. Well, while we were getting our drinks, a few guys came out to practice or jam or something so they played a few songs for me, R and H to dance a little. It was a fun ending to the night.
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