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Monday, June 17, 2013

True Food and O.H.S.O.

One of my coworkers took me to lunch as a thank you for bringing goodies from my garden. We went to True Food because it is always awesome. I had chicken panang curry and green ice tea. We decided to get dessert and I was deciding between the fantastic maple sorbet or the new seasonal lemon coconut sorbet when she said she would get one and I would get the other and we could split them. Great call! They were both fantastic. I mean really, really fantastic. I have to figure out how to make these. The coworker thinks they must reduce maple syrup before making the sorbet because it is intensely maple-y.

We also went to O.H.S.O. for happy hour to celebrate a couple of birthdays. It was a really large group. One of my coworkers found that they make cookies for dogs and got me a package.

I quizzed the waiter and decided on carnitas tacos. Some other guy brought out my food and I tried not to flip out. But there was a cheesy looking sauce on the meat. So I got our waiter's attention and asked what is this, hoping maybe it was something not cheese. But it was--he "forgot" that those tacos (not any of the others) have the sauce. So he took it and got me one without cheese. Not bad. Hard to enjoy sometimes when you're internally freaking out that you don't really understand what is okay to eat. I did not eat the slaw--I don't know why he brought it.

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