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Friday, June 14, 2013


I have the most exciting Friday nights. I had my MRI. It's kind of weird that they are open so late, but there was hardly anyone there--patients or employees.

My MRI went fine, same as normal, except they gave me a CD with the images. The report will go to my doctor or the research lab--I'm sure I'll have to repeatedly ask for it, based on my previous experiences.
Ah, the return of the pool noodle toy. Summer in Phoenix.
One of the best things about the MRI is that the room is always freezing cold, so they put a warm blanket on you. The technician told me she used to put her son's towels and shirts in the dryer in the morning so he would have warm shirts and towels. I half-joking said his wife must hate you. She said he's not married and I thought it will be amazing if he gets married after being trained to expect that bullshit. What the hell is wrong with mothers of boys? It's obviously a THING, to become completely insane when you pop a boy out of your vagina. Daughters are expected to learn to clean and cook and stuff but boys...boys are to be served? Crazy.

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