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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trial update

Wear pants for doctor visits.
This was my quarterly/annual monitoring for the Alemtuzamab trial. I saw L, my care coordinator, for vitals and blood draw. She weighed me at 166.8, the heaviest I've been in a while. I am on my period of course.  I filled out a longish survey and peed in a cup.

I saw Dr. M for the physical testing. Nothing remarkable. My left eye's sight is fuzzy and I have almost no reflexes when he smacks my knees with the hammer.

I also saw Dr. G who, as usual, is pleased as punch about how well I'm doing. (Like it has anything to do with him, he's totally responsible for my awesomesauciness. YES, that's a word. Why do you question my vocabulary?)

And I am doing very well, especially when compared to many other people with MS or even compared with me at some points in my past.

L scheduled my MRI for Friday after work. I know! I have...The. Best. Friday. Nights. Try not to be jealous.

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