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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wildflower Bread Company vs GFC Bakery

In this corner, we have Wildflower Bread Company. A giant chain restaurant with locations nationwide, it is typically viewed as a healthy lunch alternative due to its salad offerings, although more people are probably getting soups and sandwiches. They also have breakfast and dinner menus. Bread is abundantly offered with everything, even in some of the salads.

In this corner, we have Gluten Free Creations Bakery. With three local locations, it is making a name for itself as a dedicated gluten-free bakery and lunch café. With hours of 9-5, it is not really a breakfast stop for most people, but it offers great items for breakfast.

Today's company lunch was brought in from Wildflower. I checked the allergen menu, found several soups I could have, had our admin check that they wouldn't offer any of them today, then ordered a Wildflower salad without bread and subbing another dressing. The admin got back to me that there is (now) soy in that dressing, and in all their dressings, so they would provide oil and vinegar. I have my own dressing in the office so I basically ordered a naked salad.

I knew that wouldn't be enough, so I brought a leftover piece of fish from last night's dinner. Then I went to GFC to get cupcakes since I can't eat the cake and ice cream. They have closed the "back door" where customers used to go off Thomas and opened a café store front on 28th St. I found my cupcakes, a brownie and scones for another day, and then decided to check the lunch stuff. They had a vegan mac and cheese, but I asked for verification it had no dairy anyway. I'm not vegan; I'm only vegan when I have "dairy" products and baked goods!

The mac and cheese wasn't bad, a little mushy but that is g/f pasta. The cupcake was awesome as usual. Everyone commented on how good it looks. GFC is definitely the winner in my ring.

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