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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Zucchini Bread Mix

This morning, I made zucchini bread using the mix I bought yesterday. I didn't have a chance to try it before we left to go to Mick's parents' house for Father's Day.

His parents are really trying to accommodate me within what they are used to doing. There are snacks first. They had a box of rice crackers they bought at Costco. I thought they had just bought the one package on the table. It had cheese so it was a no-go. But there were also sesame rice crackers which I can have. I had a couple and they just weren't my thing. I'd eat them in a pinch but by themselves they aren't great.

I brought Popchips to snack on and managed to eat the whole bag throughout the day. I also had a hamburger patty with ketchup, some zucchini and corn.

We spent some time in the pool. I miss having a pool. They have a diving pool; it was a lot of fun. My niece followed me around like a shadow. I think my MIL is amused by it.

I was so exhausted while we were there hanging out. Somehow, when we got home, I found some energy for an hour of gardening. I am going to have to start wearing a hat or bandana--I was dripping sweat into my glasses. So annoying! I worked on the raised gardens and sprinkled cinnamon all over my strawberry patch as I heard it could help with roly poly bugs. It still seems like the raised gardens aren't getting water. The hoses are really close to the top, so I don't understand why it is SO dry until I dig halfway down the box.

For dinner, I had a leftover piece of fish from the other night (I usually cook an extra piece) with a small artichoke from the garden. And a strawberry coconut margarita. So I could use up the last of the strawberry simple syrup. Waste not, want not, and all that.
Just baked bread

Then I tried the zucchini bread. Meh. It looks like zucchini bread but the texture is a little off and it's, I'm not quite sure, maybe not sweet enough, the flavor is not quite right or something. I could try playing around with the proportions, but it's a mix, so I'd rather play with a scratch recipe if I have to experiment.

Oh, my awesome husband Mick suggested I could make him some "regular" zucchini bread. After this trial, I'm thinking that isn't such a bad idea. However, I made sure that they all understood (this was discussed briefly during lunch) that I would have to clean my kitchen top to bottom after making it.

I explained my pancake ritual to illustrate: I make my pancakes, then the bacon, then his pancakes. I clean as I go as much as possible. After eating, I clean the kitchen thoroughly before I make anything else the rest of the day. It's a major undertaking. But as disappointed as I am by the multiple zucchini bread failures, I'm sure he has to be disappointed, patiently (mostly) waiting for something good to come from the zucchini he helped plant and pick.

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