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Monday, June 10, 2013

Clay Pot Chicken

That was rough. I knew it was a weekend dish but the chicken hadn't thawed. So I made it tonight. It did not cook as quickly as the recipe indicated. It was a recipe for the clay pot. A guy I work with "gave" it to me a while ago.

organic whole Costco chicken and brown rice
I'm guessing because the chicken was too big for the dish. Or maybe it still wasn't thawed completely. Or maybe I am a terrible cook. WTF.
Still not done. Really.
But it smelled amazing. It looked great. And eventually it cooked enough to eat. Mick didn't like it. He apparently doesn't like whole one-the-bone chicken. (Yes, I kind of know this but always think it will change I guess.) I think he might mean roasted chicken on the bone. Then again, he won't even eat wings unless they are boneless. Which means they aren't wings, they are chicken nuggets (ie. mashed together chicken bits.)

Where's the chicken? Still cooking!
I also made squash and zucchini from the garden with red bell pepper and added Trader Joe's Brussels sprouts to mine.

yellow scarf to match that one yellow stripe in the shirt

Update: My husband thinks it made him sick. But I didn't get sick. Is that possible? The only thing he ate that I didn't was an apple. Which he wiped, not washed. He thought I wash them before putting them in the fridge. I thought you aren't supposed to wash (most) produce before it sits in the fridge for prolonged periods of time. Either way, he won't eat the leftovers.

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