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Friday, June 28, 2013

Protein coffee

Ideas come at me all day, every day. It's a little unfortunate, because my brain is a sieve. So I save links and recipes and little slips of paper and post its and magazines and and and...

So when I ran across french press ice coffee and a coffee protein shake, I thought "I must combine these ideas into one awesometastic breakfast beverage for my commute!"

I got an inexpensive french press at Target--my husband Mick talked me into the red one of course. I was out of homemade creamer so I'm using this So Delicious Barista style vanilla creamer which is pretty good but too many additives. It's shelf stable so I'll probably keep some for "emergency" and guest use. I'm using some organic coffee grounds from Fresh & Easy--they have a very nice selection for comparable prices to anywhere else. (I got this package for $5.99, but usually $6.99.) I have been using a chocolate hemp protein powder or a vanilla rice protein powder, either of which works nicely here.
Mmmm. Coffee.
So I like that I mix the coffee the night before and it's ready in the morning. I'll have to work on the proportions and size a little--that's not my usual coffee cup. And I really need to get in some successful baking. But Gluten Free Creations has some pretty good stuff to hold me over on occasion.
...and scones from GFC. Yes please!

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