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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jalapeño hummus

I have lots of kitchen experiments planned for this weekend but I didn't get that far today. I made another margarita like last night, so I can stop here, right?

I have little jalapenos in the garden so I grabbed a few to roast and make a jalapeno hummus. Thanks to (Trader) Joe for the idea.
I used a can of garbanzo beans, some cilantro, half an avocado, the jalapenos, some olive oil, and garlic. I wanted to see if I could leave out the (g/f) tahini but I think it needed it so I'll add it next time unless I think of something else. I like my hummus "runnier" than it came out. Not bad, not spicy either.

(Right after making this, I saw someone doing something similar on a gas stove on Chopped but they stuck the peppers in the fire, right next to it anyway, like down on the flat surface under the burner plate. I'm so trying that next time!)

I also bought some rice tortillas at Trader Joe's; I really wanted a quesadilla like I used to throw together with leftover veggies all the time.

zucchini and yellow squash from the garden
cooking. slowly cooking.
Well, I overcooked the tortilla so it was more tostada-like, but it tasted okay. The Daiya cheese melts but it takes longer (why I overcooked my tortilla). Not bad. I wouldn't serve it to anyone who didn't have to eat like me though.


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