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Friday, June 7, 2013

Butternut squash fries and strawberry coconut margarita

I don't know about you, but I have the. most. exciting. Friday nights. I work after everyone else has left the office. Or I run errands. Or both.

For tonight's main event, I decided that Trader Joe needed to see me. I knew that would mean no time to spend in the garden but my husband Mick had his helpers at the house with him today and I have "all" weekend. (Where "all" means those combined 2 hours in 2 days that can be spent outside without dying of exhaustion and/or heat exposure. Just picture me crawling across the parts of my yard that are still barren dirt (oops, don't tell the weeds) like I'm crawling across the Sahara desert towards a mirage of water. I raise one arm towards the mirage--a scene straight out of a movie. I know you're jealous that I'm in a movie, but don't be. My lips are horribly chapped from my parched scene.)
Today's harvest
When I got home, I saw that the helpers found the first ripe cantaloupes. I actually had time to run out to the farm quickly for a little garden work before it was completely dark.
It's your time to bake!
Then I decided to try making baked butternut squash fries. I added organic all-seasons salt but I can imagine these with any number of combinations of spices. They are so, SO good. Fair warning--not crispy, but very good. I'm tempted to try them with a blanch before baking...
Leftover chili with "fries"
Mick informed me it was a game night so he'd take his dinner and be in front of his computer. I was on my own. What to do, what to do...

So I made strawberry simple syrup from my own fresh strawberries. I think this is actually the first time I have EVER made simple syrup. I know right?! It's totally, hmmm, what's the word I'm looking for...SIMPLE!
Because one OH HELL YEAH! was not enough
The recipe made enough that it did not fit in that glass. I'm obviously not complaining. Just know that you need a larger glass. Also, I recommend fresh limes but I only had one so I used it and supplemented with the backup plan lime juice. Because any respectable tequila slash margarita lover should have backup lime juice at all times. I like this Santa Cruz organics one but we also have the giant bottle of Rose's lime juice. As a backup plan to my backup plan.

I don't know if they carry the coconut tequila anywhere else but OF COURSE Total Wine has it. And I saw that damn commercial where whatshisfacefromtheSopranos says you can use the stopper as a shot measure. I'm pretty sure I was not drunk yet when I tried it. That totally cannot. work. until the bottle is half empty. I'm just saying, there is no reason to be spilling awesome tequila on the counter just cause a commercial says the stopper is a shot measure. A full tequila bottle cannot be horizontal and have the stopper come out and have no spillage. Terrible idea. Make sure your counter is clean if you are going to try it. Because you will want to lick your counter when you spill your tequila. Um, won't you?! You're not going to...wipe. it. up. are you? So wasteful. How are we friends at all? Oh, nevermind, you're licking your counter; we can still be friends.

Make these strawberry coconut margaritas. I'm fucking serious. Go now. Make these. I'll wait. Er...I mean I'm on my way.

PS. Mick said the fries were AMAZING. He loves them. Check him out, eating his vegetables! Try it--you will like it!

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  1. You could also be Try on the desert and wear those hot gladiator sandals and look like Brad Pitt. But darn, you don't! I'd definitely be your house wife then! And PS - my husband HAS licked the alcohol off your counter before. That's how good of friends we are!