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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not really working

I wanted to get my hair done before our upcoming trip--my gray is bad and the ends need a trim. When I called to schedule the color, it was hard to find a time so I decided to do it on my work at home day. But I also have my chiropractor appointment that day so I decided I would have to take the day off. But then a meeting was scheduled that I would have to be in the office in the middle of the day. Are you as exhausted as I am?

So I got my color done and my hair looks fabulous. The best it will look until I have it done again. She recommends that I use the flat iron more often to smooth it. That means I have to dry my hair in the morning. I'll think about it.

Then I head to the office for my meeting. A couple of hours in the office and then on the road again.

I get to the chiropractor and have my adjustments. He recommends every 2-3 weeks. The next available appointment is 5 weeks. Huh.

For dinner, I made this packaged Carnitas from Costco for a burrito, smothered in (safe) enchilada sauce. (It's sold in a jar at Albertson's.)

Happy 11th birthday to Cassi.
So tired...

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