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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Waffle chips and other experiments

I made the things. Many things. Okay, too many things. But with a success rate of terrible percent, I guess I have to make all the things so I can find a few that are worth keeping.

First, I made a batch of coffee creamer. I used the Trader Joe's coconut creamer instead of the "good" coconut milk. It turned out perfect. No separation. (Update: There is still no separation or weird clumping after several days, until a little too much thickness when I got to the end of use.)

These were supposed to be waffles. The waffles taste "amazing" according to my husband Mick; they don't even need syrup. YES, he said that! Unfortunately, out of my entire double batch of batter, I did not have a single one come out in one piece. I'm not sure if I made the batter too thick or what. He thinks I need a better (flipping) waffle iron. I just bought this one like a year ago! Damn!

(Also, I read some more notes on gluten-free waffle/pancake cooking and I think that NONE of the  ingredients can be cold when it's mixed. I used cold rice milk so I should have just used water.)

I also made zucchini muffins. With raisins. They turned out crumbly and dry. He thought they tasted okay but they tasted gluten-free. And like a crumb topping. But the raisins were better than I expected.
We decided on burgers for dinner. I made caramelized onions, chipotle mayo (3 large spoonfuls of Earth balance soy-free mayo and 2 chipotles in adobo sauce), and added some tomato slices (from my garden!) and avocado to mine. Additionally, I opened the refrigerator pickles I made recently from cucumbers we grew and pickle juice from my favorite farmer's market pickle vendor. They turned out GREAT! I'm so happy!
There is a burger under that avocado, sauce, onion mix!
For the second time, I made butternut squash fries using our homegrown squash, some salt, pepper, organic all-seasons salt, and olive oil. Yep, the man still loves his veggies. Well, at least when they are baked fries.
I had peaches from my neighbor's tree that were overdue to be used so I decided to make a fruit crisp. I added some apricots from my last produce box (I've discontinued service since I can't keep up with the produce in my house) and some strawberries from the backyard patch. It seemed tart. And the topping was okay but not quite what I had in mind.

I also made a cantaloupe sorbet. (Sorry, no photo.) It is AMAZING. I don't even like cantaloupe. And it is AMAZINGBALLS. He loved it, thought it was the best thing I made.

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