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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Phoenix Capital Grille revisited

Work lunch. Sigh. I'm so over salads with no this and no that until I have a plate of lettuce.
She chose Phoenix Capital Grille. Gluten free items are noted on the menu.
Score. Okay, it was more expensive than what the other ladies had but I had real food. Chicken. Salsa Verde. Kale in olive oil. White beans and tomatoes. Yum.
A real meal! In public!

Monday, November 25, 2013

So gross

Dr H ordered tests for me that must be done with fecal samples. I'm pretty sure I've never had to do that before. Maybe I did but I blacked it out.
I had to get three different days within no more than seven days. I didn't want to do it at work. It's not so private.
And I had to poo into what was essentially a fast food tray, like you might get your chicken strips and fries in. (I know I just ruined strips and fries for you; you're welcome.) Then I had to put some in the vial, which had a "spoon" attached inside the lid.
Thursday morning, I had to poo before I left the house. I thought that was great since I'd have Saturday and Sunday for day 2 and 3.
Now, I'm sure that doesn't sound TOO bad. But now I have a hot dog tray of poo. I dump it into the toilet; now I have a shitty hot dog tray. I wrap it in a grocery bag and walk out to the trash bin.
Saturday I had my day 2 collection. Same procedure.
And then nothing on Sunday. Are you effing kidding?
So on Monday, I'm really hoping for the rare early pre-work poo. But no. So I get to do this at work and leave my shit bag in the trash bin in the bathroom. Ew.
So I'm in the stall when I realize that there are instructions for the 3 days but I was also given a cup for another test that I am supposed to do the last day. There aren't any instructions. It doesn't have the lid with a spoon and it looks like the cup I pee into at least every month so I take an educated guess and pee in the cup.
Wrong guess. I take everything to the lab and I am given a new cup. When I question how I'm supposed to poo in the cup (I know I'm not supposed to poo in the cup but seriously, you're giving me a pee cup for poo), I receive another fry tray. Um. Yay?
Since I'd already had diarrhea, I knew I wouldn't go again today.
Update: Lucky me, I went poo while I was at home Tuesday morning. I had the foresight to grab a plastic knife for scooping the poo into the cup. Ew. So gross.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Monument's Men

From my Goodreads summary:

I'm not great with history, dates, and places, but this is a good read. Even with my limitations, I found the history of the Monuments Men intriguing. Having seen movies like Schindler's List and visited WWII monuments in Italy, I found my stomach turning with some parts of the book, as I was able to visualize the atrocities described occasionally. I think this book is a definite must-read. It has been made into a movie and I'm curious to see how well it "translates" onto the screen.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More testing, less answers

Temp 98.4
Blood pressure 79/120
Weight 174 (at home)
I reported cramping Sunday night. I did Castor oil pack first time. Messy. And then had diarrhea on Monday.
Dr. H went over labs and I have no idea now what happened. Okay maybe a little.
  • Something about solar plexis and T10 electric
  • Testing for Candida
  • Recommended no juice and less sugar
  • Did hydrotherapy
 Can I just live a normal life yet?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Curry with my veggies

I made curry with chicken and used a few veggies from the garden. I had an eggplant, a couple of okra, and a red bell pepper. Isn't it pretty? It was really, really good. I can't believe this isn't something Mick likes. (curry, that is.)

Curry over leftover mashed potatoes--
I know it's weird but I love it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Whole Foods juice bar

I've been having sausages in the morning for breakfast. Usually with a sweet potato or Glutenfreeda oatmeal or Arrowhead Mills quinoa breakfast cereal. I think it is filling me up. Or I'm in a funk. I'm totally not hungry or interested in anything when lunch time rolls around.

It was already after 1 and I thought I better get something in me or I'll be starving an hour or two before I go home (then another hour or two before dinner!) So I went to the bank, thinking about where I might be able to get a cup of soup or something. And then I remembered--the new Whole Foods has a juice bar.

I generally don't like "juice" places because they are just using fruit syrups instead of real food juices and they add a lot of stuff I can't have anyway. Whole Foods juice bar is mostly green veggies, apples, herbs. No bananas or milk--smoothies are at the coffee bar. (BTW, they have alternative milks at the coffee bar. My wallet is so screwed now that I know that. At least it's a little out of my way...)

I really liked my "Doctor's orders" juice--spinach, apple, parsley, ginger, and a couple other things I can't remember now. The ginger was strong at the end though.

Update: I had the "greens" juice for dinner on my way to class and I liked it too, maybe even better. It's kale, apple, and some other stuff. Mmm.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Leftovers for dinner

Barbecued chicken, stewed okra and sausage, sweet potato with brown sugar. Kinda of a weird combo but hey, that's what's for dinner.