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Friday, July 31, 2009


My DH got his last lab results from the doctor. Not good stuff. We are finally discussing and making changes to diet. I think the doctor only gave him the highlights, so we'll have to get more information to keep DH healthy. The doctor basically said, no rice, no pasta, more protein--steak, cheese, egg every day for breakfast instead of Nutrigrain bar, less pizza. He didn't talk about good and bad carbs, white vs wheat, or vegetables and fruits. He did say no orange juice. We sat down and looked at a couple of cookbooks to get ideas out there for what can and can't happen. I also rearranged the kitchen cupboard so the small plates are where the big plates were.

The big breakthrough--he is giving up soda! He is drinking it at home until it's gone, but he already gave it up at lunch. His friend, S, seems to be giving him good advice that confirms what I've been telling him. S told him the taste buds change when you stop drinking that stuff. I'm excited but nervous. There's a lot on ME to figure out for him. Just providing dinner every night is a chore. But maybe he will be less picky over time. Or I'll get better at figuring it out. We'll see.

Reasons for not having children

A French lady wrote a book on why not to have kids. She is married, has two kids, and lives in Belgium. "I just say that when you are a woman, the fact of having children doesn't provide the meaning of your existence," she says. "So you can have a meaningful existence not having children. And of course you can have a meaningful existence having children."

40 reasons not to spawn

These are the arguments author Corinne Maier uses in her book to persuade readers to just say no to having children. Each reason gets a chapter.

The desire for children: A false aspiration.
Childbirth is torture.
Don't become a travelling feeding bottle.
Continue to amuse yourself.
Subway-job-kids: No thank you
Hold onto your friends.
Do not adopt the idiot language we use to address children.
To open the nursery is to close the bedroom.
Child, the killer of desire.
They are the death knell of the couple.
To be or to make: You shouldn't have to choose.
The child is a kind of vicious dwarf, of an innate cruelty.
It is conformist.
Children are too expensive.
You become an ally of capitalism.
They will destroy your time and your freedom.
The worst drudgery for the parents.
Do not be deceived by the notion of the ideal child.
You will inevitably be disappointed by your child.
To become a merdeuf (soccer mom) - what horror
Parenting above all else - no thanks.
Block your professional path with children.
Families: They are horror and cruelty.
Don't fall into an overgrown childhood.
To persist in saying "me first" is a badge of courage.
A child will kill the fond memories of your childhood.
You will not be able to prevent yourself from wanting your child to be happy.
Child care is a set of impossible dilemmas.
School: a prison camp with which you'll have to make a pact.
To raise a child, but toward what kind of future?
Flee from the benevolent blandness.
Parenting will make you soft.
Motherhood is a trap for women.
To be a mother, or to succeed: You must choose.
When the child appears, the father disappears.
The child of today must be a perfect child: a brave new world.
Your child will be in constant danger from pedophiles and pornographers.
Why contribute to a future of unemployment and social exclusion?
There are too many children in the world.
Turn your back on the ridiculous rules of the "good" parent.

I agree with many but she seems kind of bitter. It's unfortunate and sad that she regrets having children.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I returned Eckert Tolle's New Earth to the library. I was listening to the Audiobook but it was too boring. I'm feeling a bit weird about it because I heard how "life changing" it is but I thought it was just more of the same. Plus he was annoying to listen to.

I also returned John Bogle's Enough. I thought it was pretty good. I am a Bogle fan, so I may be biased. The main complaint I have is that he really focused on what the financial advisors do "wrong" and how we don't define enough but he really didn't place any of the blame on investors, at least not in this book. If investors understood "enough," they wouldn't have been so greedy in every bubble in history. Anyway, I thought the audiobook was good enough that I got my own hard copy of the book.

My PT lent me a book, Watching by Matthew Sanford. It was hard to get into at first, but about halfway through, I found myself captivated by his story. I think it is a fantastic read for anyone with a disability, anyone that knows someone with a disability, or anyone with health struggles. I will probably get my own copy and re-read it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Survey says

Today I filled out my second survey for my trial. I have to do it each month to report any unusual bruising or bleeding. I'm happy to report nothing unusual!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Education, not taxation

I like to say, education, not legislation, so I liked this website that explains why we should NOT tax food and beverages.

Discriminatory and punitive taxes on soda and juice drinks do not teach our children to have a healthy lifestyle, and have no meaningful impact on child obesity or public health. They just further burden working families already struggling in this trying economy. Even the science shows that education, not taxation, is the key to reducing obesity and improving public health. Learn more about why increased taxes are not the solution.

Time magazine just ran a piece that says obesity in the South is not caused by food but by inactivity.,8599,1909406,00.html

Really? I've been reading Denim Diet by Kami Gray, and I think she might disagree. I got it from the library but I think I'm going to pick up my own copy.

So Three Cows Walk into Court

Animal-rights extremism in the Obama entourage is no joke

I would say this guy's article is over the top, but I've seen the laws the HSUS (PETA in disguise) is quietly trying to pass nationwide. Unfortunately, they are sometimes succeeding, with similar tactics to Peta. They successfully pull at people's heartstrings without showing the other side of the situation, and falsely promoting their image as helping pets.

Banning bottled water

A council spokesman said it was a waste of money and tap water was acceptable.

Australia town bans bottled water

Friday, July 10, 2009


My favorite neighbors are moving--my husband found out on Facebook. :( They have been fun to party with, and very considerate neighbors, too.

This comes at a time that M has been considering the (possibly) inadequate space we have for a photography studio, home gym, and third dog. I love this house and this neighborhood; it's our first house and we're right next to preserve. I am very reluctant to move, but this is the market for purchasing. We've been here long enough that selling in this market is not so bad. Well, if we stay, we'll proceed with our upstairs remodel. If we go, it will just be a touch up for selling.

I talked to my sister and brother and they may be moving also if other plans don't work out. I will be visiting in October and then they will likely be visiting near year-end. Change is scary--I hope that everyone's transitions are positive!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spoon Theory

I've read this many times before but someone just reminded me about it. The Spoon Theory is available at

It was written by Christine Miserandino.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Composting in San Fransisco:
Some very interesting facts in these articles, including how much of the trash heading to landfills can be recycled or composted.

Make sure your location is level and in partial shade. 4'x4' palettes make a perfect square and are excellent compost bin walls.
First layer
Straw (not hay). Using straw as your first layer keeps your pile off the ground and keeps out weeds and pests. You can get straw at your local garden center.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Teka's the snapper, so we were surprised to see that she has a puncture on her face. It looks like Cassi bit her. I think Cassi is getting grumpy in her old age! Okay, Teka does pester her and probably had it coming.


Fantastic piece this weekend in the NY Times about Thomas Jefferson. (Did you know he died on July 4?)

Debt for nature swaps

Interesting article in the WSJ about the US and Indonesia.

The deal is the largest so-called debt-for-nature swap the U.S. government has organized so far under the U.S. Tropical Forest Conservation Act and its first such pact with Indonesia, which has one of the fastest deforestation rates in the world, losing an area of forest the size of Switzerland annually. Conservation International, the U.S.-based conservancy group, helped organize the deal, and has contributed $1 million to help reduce the debt.

Under the deal, Indonesia will pay the nearly $30 million into a trust over eight years instead of repaying it to the U.S. government. The trust will issue grants for critical forest conservation work in 13 forest areas in Sumatra. Sumatra Island is home to endangered tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutan.

The U.S. in the past has organized smaller debt-for-nature swaps with countries like Guatemala, Botswana, the Philippines and Peru. Under the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998, developing nations with a significant tropical forest, a democratically-elected government, and an economic reform agenda, are eligible for debt forgiveness in return for conservation efforts.

Sustainable Food Blogs

Where to find information on sustainable food:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weave seminar

Last week, a group of us watched a DVD on teaching weaves to agility dogs. Then Anabel had us work with her dogs to practice some of the techniques.

Today, we brought our dogs to practice the techniques in short sets. I was the only one with two dogs, so I got my own area to alternate them while everyone else was paired up. It was really great and something I can really take home to work on. (Although I don't like to leave the weave poles set up in the yard due to the sprinklers.) I have handouts with more information.

She also taught us "Weave for dinner" which helps the dogs practice footwork, muscle memory and speed. By using their meal when they are hungry, they will have the desire to do it. If they do it incorrectly, take them back and start again. (If they are missing the middle, you might put them back in the middle.) For beginners, use the Xpens as guides to prevent mistakes. As they get better, harder entries can be used. If they are popping out before the end: take the last two poles and set them at the 8:00 and 2:00, then move them back after the dog gets it.

She also demonstrated the armchair weave. An advanced dog should be able to weave while the handler is seated anywhere in the yard!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

US Debt

Check out this website:

It doesn't give enough background for my comfort, but it is an interesting way to look at the US debt situation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

From some co-workers:

Today marks the 142nd anniversary of Canada becoming a self-governing country. Celebrations are the same as July 4th in the US ? fireworks, barbeques??. and, of course, beer (come on, we are talking Canada here). Every year in Windsor/Detroit there is a huge International fireworks display over the Detroit River separating the two countries to celebrate Independence Day in both countries. It always starts with a helicopter flying over the river displaying huge flags of both countries. For some reason they always have this celebration the week before July 1 and 4, though. It was on June 24 this year.

There must have been a French Canadian planning the event: June 24th is St Jean Baptist day, the Quebec ?National Holiday.?

And an article: