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Monday, July 13, 2009

Education, not taxation

I like to say, education, not legislation, so I liked this website that explains why we should NOT tax food and beverages.

Discriminatory and punitive taxes on soda and juice drinks do not teach our children to have a healthy lifestyle, and have no meaningful impact on child obesity or public health. They just further burden working families already struggling in this trying economy. Even the science shows that education, not taxation, is the key to reducing obesity and improving public health. Learn more about why increased taxes are not the solution.

Time magazine just ran a piece that says obesity in the South is not caused by food but by inactivity.,8599,1909406,00.html

Really? I've been reading Denim Diet by Kami Gray, and I think she might disagree. I got it from the library but I think I'm going to pick up my own copy.

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