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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I returned Eckert Tolle's New Earth to the library. I was listening to the Audiobook but it was too boring. I'm feeling a bit weird about it because I heard how "life changing" it is but I thought it was just more of the same. Plus he was annoying to listen to.

I also returned John Bogle's Enough. I thought it was pretty good. I am a Bogle fan, so I may be biased. The main complaint I have is that he really focused on what the financial advisors do "wrong" and how we don't define enough but he really didn't place any of the blame on investors, at least not in this book. If investors understood "enough," they wouldn't have been so greedy in every bubble in history. Anyway, I thought the audiobook was good enough that I got my own hard copy of the book.

My PT lent me a book, Watching by Matthew Sanford. It was hard to get into at first, but about halfway through, I found myself captivated by his story. I think it is a fantastic read for anyone with a disability, anyone that knows someone with a disability, or anyone with health struggles. I will probably get my own copy and re-read it.

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