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Friday, July 10, 2009


My favorite neighbors are moving--my husband found out on Facebook. :( They have been fun to party with, and very considerate neighbors, too.

This comes at a time that M has been considering the (possibly) inadequate space we have for a photography studio, home gym, and third dog. I love this house and this neighborhood; it's our first house and we're right next to preserve. I am very reluctant to move, but this is the market for purchasing. We've been here long enough that selling in this market is not so bad. Well, if we stay, we'll proceed with our upstairs remodel. If we go, it will just be a touch up for selling.

I talked to my sister and brother and they may be moving also if other plans don't work out. I will be visiting in October and then they will likely be visiting near year-end. Change is scary--I hope that everyone's transitions are positive!