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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weave seminar

Last week, a group of us watched a DVD on teaching weaves to agility dogs. Then Anabel had us work with her dogs to practice some of the techniques.

Today, we brought our dogs to practice the techniques in short sets. I was the only one with two dogs, so I got my own area to alternate them while everyone else was paired up. It was really great and something I can really take home to work on. (Although I don't like to leave the weave poles set up in the yard due to the sprinklers.) I have handouts with more information.

She also taught us "Weave for dinner" which helps the dogs practice footwork, muscle memory and speed. By using their meal when they are hungry, they will have the desire to do it. If they do it incorrectly, take them back and start again. (If they are missing the middle, you might put them back in the middle.) For beginners, use the Xpens as guides to prevent mistakes. As they get better, harder entries can be used. If they are popping out before the end: take the last two poles and set them at the 8:00 and 2:00, then move them back after the dog gets it.

She also demonstrated the armchair weave. An advanced dog should be able to weave while the handler is seated anywhere in the yard!

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