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Friday, July 31, 2009


My DH got his last lab results from the doctor. Not good stuff. We are finally discussing and making changes to diet. I think the doctor only gave him the highlights, so we'll have to get more information to keep DH healthy. The doctor basically said, no rice, no pasta, more protein--steak, cheese, egg every day for breakfast instead of Nutrigrain bar, less pizza. He didn't talk about good and bad carbs, white vs wheat, or vegetables and fruits. He did say no orange juice. We sat down and looked at a couple of cookbooks to get ideas out there for what can and can't happen. I also rearranged the kitchen cupboard so the small plates are where the big plates were.

The big breakthrough--he is giving up soda! He is drinking it at home until it's gone, but he already gave it up at lunch. His friend, S, seems to be giving him good advice that confirms what I've been telling him. S told him the taste buds change when you stop drinking that stuff. I'm excited but nervous. There's a lot on ME to figure out for him. Just providing dinner every night is a chore. But maybe he will be less picky over time. Or I'll get better at figuring it out. We'll see.

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