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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grocery Shopping--Fresh & Easy

Changes. Sigh. So Fresh & Easy had some of the least expensive organic almond milk without carrageenan. They switched to this comparable but not organic (although it is non-GMO certified, one of the reasons I go organic) almond milk. I don't care for the additives in the normal Silk almond milk but the PureAlmond seems to be cleaned up.
This coconut milk creamer has the additives but I thought it was worth trying because it is shelf stable until opened so I can use it as a backup for when I don't make my own. (update: the vanilla version is really good. I wish it were cleaner.)
They have a lot of ground coffee that is organic and labeled for french press use. I'm trying this one. (update: I liked this one!)
I didn't even realize they carried this Ian's "mac and cheese" but it's on clearance for $2 a box. I bought 10 boxes. That's more than a 50% discount from the prices I've seen elsewhere. I debated about cleaning them out but I have a full freezer, and this is still processed junk food, and is that rude to take it all?
There have been stories about F&E closing shop in the US but they have been emailing me that is not what is happening. I really like having them on my shopping list so I am really hoping they stick around.

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