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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Olive Garden

I got a late start, did some housework, and finally got into the kitchen to make breakfast. I decided on teff applesauce pancakes since I know they will work for me, but I decided to add blueberries to a few.
one side looks normal; one side is all blueberry :)
Then, when I had just enough batter for one more pancake, I remembered I had some shredded zucchini in the fridge, so I threw a handful into the last pancake.

One zucchini pancake
I wanted to have a big, late breakfast because we were going to a super early dinner for my BIL's birthday. I asked his parents yesterday where we were going and emphasized that they were not to influence his plans based on my ridiculous diet. They got back to me with his plan for Olive Garden. Since it's owned by the same company that owns the terrible-for-me Red Lobster, I wasn't too hopeful. I found their gluten-free menu and then the allergen menu. Yep, soy in everything.
navy stripes and yellow
I knew I would feel "hungry" once I was surrounded by food so I took a baggie of Kettle Crinkle Chips and some Sahale pomegranate cashews. The chips are salty (as I like them) and the cashews are sweet. I think maybe a little too sweet but okay in small doses. I also had a citrus margarita.

It was great visiting with the kiddos.

I ate some of my leftover pizza when we got home.

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