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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Salad and pizza trials

I think I have figured out the alternative milk thing. I was nearly out of almond milk and rice milk so I ended up mixing them for something recently and had a thought, so today I mixed them about half and half and used the mix for my cereal--a recent "Cheerios" purchase with strawberries from my garden. Almond milk is thicker than milk and rice milk is quite watery, so the mix made it much more like milk.
I had a blueberry muffin from Gluten Free Creations bakery too. It was pretty good. I didn't realize it would have a glaze. I think that made it better actually. It was kind of sticky. A normal eater would not think this was a great blueberry muffin but it's not bad.
blue and yellow
We are going to be building our outdoor grill area soon so Mick and I and the helpers went to several showrooms to check out drop-in grills and all the drawers and cabinets and stuff.

We ended at BJs. I wasn't excited--there isn't much for me. But I can eat a little and Mick loves their pizza and beer. They had some new menu items and an updated alleren menu. I asked the waitress about an item that looked good but showed up with wheat and eggs on the allergen grid. She came back with the manager and he asked for clarification. He left and came back. We decided I could have the Thai Mango chicken salad without wontons. He checked again on the dressing; he thought it might have soy but it was okay for me. The salad came with a wonton so they had to remake it. It was a very good salad and the dressing was a little spicy, very good.

love the square dressing dishes :)
So I took this photo and Mick starts explaining to the helpers that I blog. Hmm. Then we talk about how, based on his concerns, I use initials or rename people so they want to know what I call them. Inside, I'm kinda freaking out. I rarely say bad things about them, and then not even bad but expressing my feelings of annoyance or whatever, but still, I'm thinking...what have I said? I explained it's not a public blog and didn't give any information on how to find it so maybe we're cool. I don't want to edit myself for my readers. I guess that's one of the reasons it's still private! Well, that and I don't want the critical jerky comments I see on other people's blogs. I don't handle criticism well (surprise!) which is probably why I get so annoyed with some people. Even if they aren't criticizing, I perceive some action or words as criticism. Anyway...

chebe crust
After all that pizza action, I decided to make pizza for my dinner. I tried a new crust. It was a LOT of work. My arms are too weak for this crap. But I like that it has seasonings in the mix. I had to use egg replacer so I'm not sure if that changed how it turned out...
For toppings, I went crazy. I have pizza sauce, artichokes, "cheese", Canadian bacon, pineapple; then I added a green bell pepper and basil from my garden and a leftover orange bell pepper.



It cooked longer than the directions said but I thought the crust turned out kind of gummy. The toppings were fantastic though. So my verdict is that this crust is not the one for me.
with a drink
Update: I completely forgot that I have frozen pizza crusts from the GFC Bakery. WTH. That's actually why I bought that pizza sauce. WTH. I know I already said it but I'm pizzed, haha, that my mind doesn't work with me better. FML. I want to throw a tantrum right now!

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