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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Update - Deere edition

When you plant grass, apparently it will have to be mowed at some point. We have hit that point. So he got a riding lawnmower.
this is HALF the grass area
We're going to have to do something to shade the side of the field closest to the grass. That's where the tomatoes and cucumbers are and everything is just scorched, a waste. In the photo below, the grass is to the left.
dry corn shading the garden (mostly)
zucchini (left) and tomatillos (right)
spaghetti squash vine
new bean plants coming in
butternut squash
more vines everywhere
butternut squash are trying to escape
cantaloupe (and tiny watermelon)
Good or bad spider? Dunno.
red jalapeño

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