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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Burger Bowl

Five Guys treats me well. I like the ability to eat like a "normal" person. Kind of like a normal person. So the cashier is brand new and another employee comes to help her when I have to explain that, yes, I can get a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger with no cheese. Really.

I ordered what I "always" order: hamburger, lettuce wrap/no bun, add toppings (varies, today was mushrooms, tomato, pickle), side of fries, large drink (plastic cup instead of the one with glue that could potentially be unsafe but maybe not but who's paranoid?).

And I get this instead of my lettuce wrap.
It was a few cents cheaper, which I don't understand. It's the same stuff. Except I got no lettuce since I thought I was getting a, wait for it, lettuce wrap. I like eating my burger like a burger. The foil around the lettuce around the burger means I can pick it up and eat a burger. So weird, putting a cashier by herself before she knows the menu.

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