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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


On the way to work, I heard that it was going to rain today. A few minutes later on another radio station, I heard this song. It is one of my favorite songs of all time. If a guy made a mix tape for me (not that one did, but if it had happened) and he really wanted to impress me with his awesometasticness (yes, that IS a word; don't argue with me.) he would have totally (it WAS the 80s when a guy would have made a mix tape, just not for me) included this song. Totally. Anyway, I looked up and thought, it IS nothing but clear skies.

By 5:00, the office is almost empty. And quiet. Until the rain starts. Complete downpour. But the sun is still out--it didn't get darker when it started raining. When I leave, it's down to a sprinkle. On the freeway, it looks like some areas got no rain at all. It starts sprinkling again when I get to the west side. I stop for groceries and my hubby calls to tell me it's flooded around our house. When I drive through an hour later, it's not raining and there's no flooding, although a couple of hydroplaning spots kept me alert.


My husband finished editing my niece's senior pictures he took for her when we were in Austin. She is my dad's daughter's daughter. Yes, I call my dad's daughter my sister, but we don't actually share any blood relationship except through my sister, my dad's other daughter. Confused yet? Yeah, he's not my biological dad but I grew up (not with him, until my last few years of high school) thinking he was my dad. When I moved in with him, I was in high school and he was married to his third wife who had three kids; the youngest is may age and the older two were living on their own and had kids.

When I put my favorites of my niece's senior photos on Facebook for her to see, my ex-step-sister, the older one that I never lived with, asked if she was my baby. Okay, we've been friends on FB for a couple years and I've never posted a photo of this kid, we've seen each other pretty recently and I didn't have any kids with me, AND you can see my family relationships on my profile. WTH.


A friend through the Weim club sent me a video of her playing agility games with her 6 month old puppy. I'm a little sad that I can't get a puppy. Although I don't miss the massive amount of work. I'll probably have to stop blogging and Facebooking and Twittering (okay, I barely do that) and LinkedIning if we get another dog. Okay, "when." It will happen someday. Post-Teka.


When I got fat, I developed this habit of leaning my head a little up and back for photos to minimize the double chin. I guess I still do that. During our Austin trip, my husband took photos of me, my sister C, and my cousin. When he showed them to me, all I could see was my protuding giant bug-eye. I realized that I see it more when I tilt my head back rather than forward. O. M. G. It. Is. So. Bad. How are people not seeing this? Or only seeing it during certain situations and then they think I bugged out when I didn't? I try not to be a desperate person, but I would make more changes (sigh, I'm exhausted just thinking about more changes) to improve this or at least keep this from getting worse. Fucking exhausted. And no one has anything *I* can do about it. FML.
can you see it?

I took the rest of the plants out of my second container box this weekend. I saw an earthworm. And a swarm of ants with some other small bugs. The amount of ants was amazing. And disgusting. It made me think of that story my geology teacher told about the location off of Baseline where the Incredible Universe/Fry's was built. He said that when that location was originally developed, they were bulldozing some of the land. They would dig a "bucket" of dirt to move it, like you see at construction sites all the time. But this time, they saw the dirt moving. Literally. Because they had found a humongous colony of scorpions. There was more scorpion than dirt in the bucket. Ewww.

I am obviously, well, easily disgusted. My friend K sent me a list of what we can plant. Before I do anything, I want to put down a massive amount of diatomaceous earth to organically reduce the ant population. I told my husband, Mick, that it was time to start planting stuff like pumpkins.


I'm reading a bunch of stuff through gluten-free and MS/Paleo bloggers that is making me think that I need to do a little more research on the Paleo autoimmune protocol for Graves and MS. I should probably do that before I plant the garden. I kind of don't want to go down this road because I already know that I will stop eating all grains (no rice or quinoa, or products derived of grains), maybe nuts and seeds, in addition to cutting out more vegetables and eating less fruit overall. It just seems so sucky that I have to do all this work.

But I can't NOT do it. I just said that I would make more changes to improve my wonky eyeball. If a protocol has been established by a "non-medical" community that has tested and documented the results, well, I know it's not "science" according to the profit makers, but it seems to be working for a lot of people. And it's not hurting anyone, regardless of the claims by profit makers that these diets are unhealthy. Unless you ask the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition why they are suing a blogger who is a not a nutritionist for talking about his diet that cured his diabetes. I guess they don't let Dr. Oz or Michelle Obama talk about diet on TV there.

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