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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm a winner. But you knew that.

I can eat almost all of it!
Ken aka Rock a Healthy Lifestyle planned a Gluten-Free Foodie Tour event at Bombay Spice. I've never been there but it's on a corner that I sometimes go a little out of my way to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I asked him if he could check to make sure I could eat there; when he said he could, I gave him my list and he got back to me that I would definitely be able to eat. So I invited my girl J and we decided to meet there.

lentil cake (tofu in back--not for me!)
I misread the starting time somewhere and J did too so everyone had just started eating when I arrived, about 10 minutes after she did. She had asked about ingredients for me and we confirmed with the waiter. I was able to eat the lentil cakes, the chickpea ceviche, and crackers. The waiter brought a mimosa for me also. The owner or manager came over and told me that he was bringing an extra appetizer for me since I couldn't eat the wings or the tofu. Wow, really? That wasn't necessary but totally cool. He brought the eggplant (with plum sauce I think) that is pictured in the banner on their website. I shared it with the people around us.

Dosa love with tikka masala
For the entree, I had the chicken tikka masala. The waiter said the vindaloo is for people who enjoy (not tolerate) habaneros. The chicken came with dosa as well; it was a soft bread, kind of like injera, but crispy on the edge. It was fantastic. Really, really tasty. Maybe I was more in love because I have had bread-like products so rarely. But I heard murmurings from other people--it was yummy. And safe!

For dessert, they were serving rice pudding. I LOVE rice pudding and haven't had it in so long. Most recipes have either dairy or eggs or both. This was rice, coconut milk, cardamom, and pistachios. It. was. stunning. I was full but I had to eat it all. I couldn't stop until it was gone. It was so fantastic. I may dream about it....

my new glasses and rice pudding
There were prizes and my name was drawn first. Oh, yeah, you heard me. My. Name. Was. Drawn. First. I'm a winner! I got two glasses. (Besides mimosas, Crispin and New Planet beverages were being served.) In addition, there were some extra T-shirts so I got one for my husband. Maybe he'll let me get rid of one of those grungy "yard work" T-shirts that he changes into after he does yard work in his work clothes.

Besides talking with our table neighbors, a quick visit with Ken who told us the restaurant is 95% g/f, and a quick chat with Celiac and the Beast and her boyfriend, I had a chance to talk to both the waiter and the owner or manager for a few minutes each. The waiter gave J and I each a card to get a discount every time we eat there for the rest of the year. He also gave me some more dosa to take home with me since I had wrapped what I had left in a napkin to take. I'm telling you--winner!

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