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Monday, September 24, 2012

Garden update - onions are fun to dig edition

The guys have planted the "farm" plot with the 2 Kabocha squash and 2 winter pumpkins I picked up at Baker Nursery, along with some of the seeds I bought for beans, black eyed peas, cucumbers and okra. They also planted sunflowers and maybe some zucchini.

My FIL started my seeds for the leeks and celery and then planted them in the strawberry patch. So I have a couple of empty squares in my newly planted garden box. I checked it out this morning (sorry, no photos) and stuff is coming up! That is so exciting. I wonder if I will be this excited every time I plant a new garden. Hopefully I don't get as sunburnt every time. My back is starting to peel but I didn't get burnt on the front. The "tan" lines are going to be awesome. If by awesome, you mean freakishly odd.

My stomach dropped when I saw a mushroom. Aww, shit. They were so difficult to get rid of in the first box. But when I started to pick it, I realized it wasn't a mushroom. It was an onion. I looked over to the onion squares and one had a couple of holes dug. Another onion set was flung across the box. I replanted the two set I saw. I'm sure there were more that got dug out.

I'm not sure if Cassi, the digger, or Teka, the garden pooper, dug up my onion sets. But I'm trying to be slow to judge since they did run out in that direction going completely crazy barking yesterday. There is a small chance that something else got into my garden. Small. Like miniscule. Cassi, I'm looking at you.
Hmm. We'll see.

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