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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet Things

A guy, P, in my office likes to keep chocolate in other people's offices so he "doesn't eat so much" of it. Post-allergy, I told him he couldn't keep anything in my office I couldn't have. I didn't think it was fair to me and I would have to read labels all the time to make sure. The last chocolate bar he put in my desk was an orange flavor and it was fantastic. Between us, we polished it off pretty fast.

Salted Almond Dark
During my last Sunflower Market shopping trip, I thought I'd see if I could find something for the chocolate drawer. While most of the selection had soy and/or dairy, I found some Theo Chocolate bars that were gluten and soy free. (See "shared on equipment" disclaimer to make me paranoid; I'm disregarding for now.) And they were on sale 2 for $6. Yes, $3 each. And that is why I don't drown my sorrows in chocolate.

After looking through all of the possibilities, I chose 4. The first one I took to the office is gone as of yesterday. P claimed that he didn't really like it but he had several pieces. I thought it was very good. The salty almonds really came through the chocolate, and the chocolate was very good on it's own. Since they are $4 a piece on their website, I'll have to pick them up when they are on sale. Or give up sugar. But I curse enough already, don't I?


I'm not a huge fan of caramels. They are so hard and sticky. But I do like them every once in a while, especially if they are softer. I picked up some caramels, I don't remember where. Goat cheese caramels. I had one. I wanted Mick to have one and tell me if they are really as good as I think or if I'm just deprived and delusional. For some reason, he never ate the one I gave him so I ate that one too. I think they are fantastic. I'll limit them since it is still technically dairy.

I'm so confused about the whey allergy. I was told by my original students that I can have goat cheese, so I have goat cheese sometimes. I don't think I've had adverse effects but I'm not certain. So I limit how often I eat it, but I still have it on occasion. I hope I'm not totally wrong.

I've heard somewhere that I can have sheep's milk cheese also. I saw some at the market and seriously considered getting some. But I really couldn't find anything at all online that made me feel that I could maybe have it. Not that anything said I couldn't either. The information about allergies to diary are focused on casein or lactose, not whey. For now, I'll skip it. And have the occasional goat cheese. Goat cheese caramels.


We went to Costco very quickly on Saturday after picking up dog food at Pet Stop. I got some organic salad as well as organic spinach and another bag of organic frozen berries for smoothies. The lines were pretty long so I ran to see if they had anything else I "needed" and I found a new variety pack of Larabars. They were my favorite two--peanut butter and cashew--and blueberry muffin. No one but Target seems to carry the Uber roasted nut roll bars--aka Payday bars--in bulk. Target's box of four is actually a better price than anywhere else has on sale.

I also got the Sahale Maple Pecans. It's a little expensive but it's a big bag and it's like a dessert but with some nutritional value. I got the package for our camping trip but I've already opened it. For a taste, of course!

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