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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Garden planning

I don't know what I'm doing, but it is apparently time to plant the garden. Or it's too late to plant the garden. I feel like I'm getting different information, advice, opinions from every direction. I' too worried about organic. I'm not organic enough. I planted too much. I should plant more.

I'm getting great tips and tricks and ideas from Pinterest, Suset, Phoenix Home and Garden. Too many ideas.

The man (and the helper, I'm sure) has his own ideas. He thinks I did too much last time. (with his help!) I kind of think so too, but I had issues more on the harvesting side than the planting side. I've been researching square foot gardens and trying to understand staggering the plantings. I'm sure I'll do more wrong stuff, but I'm trying, and having some success too, along with my failures.

I went to Jackrabbit Nursery and was told it is too late to plant pumpkin. My husband doesn't believe that anything gets plant during the summer. But the watermelon he wanted to pull out seems to be coming back. We'll see about the other vines that were also not getting water the past couple months except for the unusually high amount of rain.

Jackrabbit didn't have anything for transplant so I got a bunch of seed packets. I'm surprised really that they aren't going to have transplants for a couple more weeks. Their cats are awesome though. The black cat followed me around like a cat I used to have a long time ago did.

He also thought I was overreacting to the ant issue, but swarms of ants in my garden is not acceptable! I got my diatomaceous earth and found an old peanut can. After explaining what I want to do, he drilled holes in the lid so I have a shaker. The pest control guy is coming this week so I want to coordinate the attack against the ants. They should go TO the Andro bait and away from the Diatomaceous earth.

I drew 4 by 4 boxes and made lists and checked the seed packets for spacing and came up with some tentative plans.

I didn't get a couple things I hoped for at Jackrabbit, so I went to Baker. The lady told me I was too late for pumpkin but they had some if I wanted to try a transplant. Yes, thank you, I believe we will try. I also picked up a pot of 2 Kabocha squashes with my pot of 2 "winter luxury" pumpkins. I also got a pot of asparagus and seed packets of spinach and French Breakfast radishes. I know, there is a packet of some other radishes at my house but I didn't buy them and I really liked the French Breakfast radishes with their milder taste.

She also told me that it's the wrong time for black eye peas. They are on more than one list saying to plant now, so I'm a little confused. I might try some now and save the rest for later, the "right" time.

I was very tempted to get more herbs but decided to wait. They were pretty picked over; it sounds or Mondays are the worst day to go. But I might go back if I find a spare pot or square.

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