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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did I look shorter?

Ever since Dr. M pointed out that I was taller at the end of my appointment than when I came into the office, I check my mirror in my car to see if there is any difference. Many times there is not. Today--big difference.

I've had several aches and pains over the past few days, with the most prominent being this ache in my right hipbone area yesterday when I walked. It hurt enough that I put my hand on it, but not enough that I couldn't walk. I mentioned it to the student but Dr. M wasn't in the room then.

First, Dr. M adjusted the head rest and, as he was, slid his hands under my neck and pressed a point in the back of my hairline, a little to the left. Ow. Then a couple other spots, neck, ear, face.

I noticed that when he used his adjustment tool on my left leg, front of the thigh, it was barely noticeable. I didn't realize I was having some numbness, but it comes and goes....

He spent some time on my back on the right side, almost more my side than back at some points. It really hurt in some spots. Of course he had to spend some time on the neck but he said it wasn't so bad.

I told him that my eyes are really bothering me. The right eye feels like it is twitching and not all the way open and the left eye feels too open. I had my contact fall out Monday and Tuesday in the morning, but not early or right after putting it in. He told me again to work on getting more sleep. I'm not surprised.

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