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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Agility Class - Course Night

We started at a jump, in the forefront below, to a jump out of frame to the right, to the jump half shown on the right, around to the tunnel (I front crossed so I ran on the other side of the tunnel), over the triple jump shown on the left and the broad jump behind it....
Start jump
In the back of this photo, there is a serpentine parallel to the weaves, then another jump before going into the weaves. Coming out of the weaves is four jumps in a wide turn, then switch to a tunnel, and out to three jumps--almost a serpentine but a straighter line.
Finish jump in forefront
Teka did really well and had fun. I did not make her repeat weaves that she missed but she did them all the first time and just missed the middle the second time. Not bad.
course map
The instructor discussed focus games and recommended we all try using two identical toys and switching the attention from the one in one hand to the other.

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