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Monday, September 10, 2012


I make taco meat every week or two. My husband Mick likes it and he can have a couple of burritos with cheese while I have mine with salad or chips or corn tortillas. Tonight, I made mine with a rice tortilla from Trader Joe's and some guacamole and extra salsa.

He hadn't come downstairs yet, so I started eating. When he came down, I went to help him although he said I showed him last time and he can roll them up now. As I was wrapping the first one, he was putting the meat on the second tortilla. He put some in the middle and then dropped some on the edge. He used the spatula to move the meat to the center, scraping the tortilla as he did.

As he returned the spatula to the pan, I stopped him and asked him to put the spatula somewhere else. After explaining what I saw, he told me I'm not that sensitive and I'm being paranoid. I really don't know how sensitive I am. I'm pretty sure my bathroom reports (if I reported all my bathroom visits) would not be called "normal" most of the time. Is it food sensitivities, environmental, medicinal, random? Who knows? But I guess I am paranoid.

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