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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Agility class

Now that Cassi is retired from agility, I just have Teka. I decided, since Mick is driving the truck, I would take my car to class--better gas mileage and I won't have the dog with car anxiety to worry about. I tried putting a kennel in the car but the ones I have are a tad too tall to fit. Teka was fine on the ride.

Tonight's class was muggy, hot, and the ground was kind of wet, like maybe it had rained, but it felt like it was going to rain too. Blech.

Our first exercise was distance. We did either end of the tunnel, over the jump, U turn to the teeter and then over the jump. The distance increased each time through. Teka is great with the teeter at distance but she did jump off once when I stopped looking at her. Otherwise, she did fantastic.

Distance exercise
The second exercise was a circle of jumps at different angles and a tunnel in the middle. The first three jumps were similar to a serpentine. Then we had to front cross into the tunnel. Coming out the other end, I sent her over the double jump, "out" to the next couple jumps, then another front cross to put her in the tunnel--so I was on the outside (or far side) of the tunnel. The last jump was to the left of the tunnel exit--it was also the first jump--and required a pivot turn to go out and around the jump and come over it (instead of go over it). We did well as long as I looked at the jump wing instead of her.
Start jump lower right, jumps (4) around the back of the tunnel, into tunnel
out of tunnel, 3 jumps back into tunnel, around to starting jump
The last exercise was a set of 12 weaves with 3 jumps in a half circle at each end. Our directions were really just to go over a jump, weave, do the jumps at the other end, weave, do the jumps at the first end. I used the clicker for her weaves and she did pretty well but progressively slowed down every time she went through. Even with the promise of the bully stick, she didn't want to do it the last time we tried. But she did pretty well given how much trouble she has with weaves. She got it correct 4 times through (2 times in each direction) so I'm pleased.
Weave exercise
A bully stick reward

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