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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The ahem-hundred dollar store

He has a Costco card and I have a Sam's card. His helper has the other half of the memberships. I like having access to both since neither has it all. I prefer Coscto for "kleenex" and I get paper towels at both--the large Costco towels for cleaning and the smaller Sam's size for the kitchen or napkins. He started buying Cassi's dog food at Costco.

I get Wholly Guacamole packets, Simply Orange Juice, and frozen wild-caught fish at Sam's on a regular basis. I got some awesome pickled asparagus there not too long ago. I also get Ritz bits, chips, and pizza rolls for the man. Shh, don't tell.

Costco is stepping it up and might just blow Sam's away as a food source. They have Kettle brand crinkle chips (salt, not flavored--even Sprouts doesn't have them!), organic chicken (breasts in packets or whole), grass-fed beef, ground turkey, organic frozen berry blend, organic frozen veggies, organic tomato paste (that was on my list; however, I don't understand why that brand has sugar in their diced tomatoes and tomato sauce so I didn't get those), Classico marinara sauce, organic salsa, organic coconut oil (I didn't get it but it was giant and less than $20), organic salad and spinach, and frozen pre-cooked brown rice.

He wanted to complain about how much we got but it's all stuff we eat or use. And we don't go very often at all. Although the rice is a splurge since I can buy cheaper, longer cooking rice but it is handy for the last minute, hurry, I'm so hungry moment.

Has anyone else noticed that no one is selling Tylenol or am I just having bad luck finding it?

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