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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here and there and everywhere

I started the day with a trip to Labcorp to get my fasting thyroid labs. As a reward for my vampire visit, I went to Ground Control for an iced latte with almond milk. Except that after I paid, they had to refund me because they were out of almond milk. They offered me a muffin--so cute but not useful; then they gave me a freebie coupon--that's better. I should have just got a cup of coffee but decided to go home and make some instead.

I worked for a few hours and then got ready to take Cassi out. We met my friend J for lunch at one of my new favorite restaurants, Bombay Spice at Tatum and Shea. I thought I saw a dog on the patio when we were there recently so I called to confirm and they said yes, bring her. Our waiter brought a tin take out dish of water for her. J ordered lentil cakes which we had previously but apparently the Gluten-free Foodie Tour menu was customized to be non-dairy, so she ate them and we ordered lunch. I had a make your own combo with spinach sauce, extra veggies, chicken, and rice. And ice tea--very good ice tea.

I LOVE the dosa on the right side. I got extra to go with my leftovers.
J's lunch was yummy too.
We ended with dessert, as must be done. Wrap half or more of the meal up because dessert is a must. I had rice pudding again and J had the mango sorbet. As much as I love, love, love rice pudding, this mango sorbet is A-MAZING.

Do. Not. Skip. Dessert. When. You. Go. 
I took my leftovers and waddled away to take Cassi to the vet. She needed her rabies vaccine. She's nearly due for a list of other boosters but due to her age, they agreed that she could NOT have them. Yay!

Not at the vet--this is more fun but there's less cookies.
I am a little concerned that she is 50 pounds. Five-Oh. She used to routinely be around 60. But the vet said she has only lost a couple pounds in the last couple years, so that must have been a lot longer ago than I thought. I have a 50 pound Weimaraner. Wow.

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