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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Garden Update

What's left in Box 1: eggplant gone wild; herbs; bell peppers
My FIL added compost and adjusted the water lines in my second garden box yesterday. I had already dusted with diatomaceous earth and I added the coffee grounds that I got at Starbucks last week. There were a couple of green things coming up where I had planted spinach but never got any. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were nightshades. I recently did some research since we've had them around the garden and in other areas of the back yard for a while. They have a runner underground so they have to be dug up--they can't just be pulled. Grr. Now that I've seen a few in my garden box, I'm feeling deflated. How will I ever control them? I tried to dig them out but they broke off about a foot down.

ready to plant
On top of that, when I found other roots of what I assume were those, I pulled them out and saw a lot of ant activity. Shit. That sucks. I pulled a couple earwigs out too. They are so f-ing gross. It's overwhelmingly disheartening to have no control over this. I found several ant hills outside the garden box but in the vicinity so I put Andro down. It actually looked like the ants were stacking it outside the hole instead of taking it in but I think maybe there were different ants taking it in. I'm totally disgusted.

I brought out a tape measure and found that I do not have a true 12x8 box. Each box is 48 inches one direction and 2 or 3 inches shy the other direction. I think that's close enough for square foot gardening, right? So I planted 3 squares each of (all seeds): parsley, scallions, kale, brussels sprouts, swiss chard, cilantro, collard greens, cauliflower, spinach, mustard greens, beets, and leaf lettuce. I used 6 squares for a combination of carrots and radishes. I used one square for white onions, 2 for red onions, 1 for an asparagus transplant I picked up at Baker Nursery, and saved 2 for the leeks and celery my FIL is starting for me.
Planted and labeled with popsicle sticks
My husband thinks it looks to crowded. I'm hoping things will come in waves. And that those M-F-ing ants and earwigs will die. Die, MFers, die!

crispy rosemary and ant infested oregano
The Open box: strawberries, one artichoke, and plants for the farm

They are starting the "farm" so my FIL already added the compost after cleaning out all the grass. There are a few watermelons left that survived the summer (and no additional water, just rain). I dusted with diatomaceous earth yesterday. Mick and his dad will roto-till today and then the planting will begin.

almost ready--leftover watermelon
walnut tree
pecan, ahem, "tree"
Citrus: lemon, lime, orange
Fruit: apple, fig (netted), pomegranate

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