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Friday, September 28, 2012


Last Monday, I had my quarterly Alemtuzamab trial visit with Dr. M the neurologist. When he tested my with the little pin pricks, I realized that the come-and-go numbness I have in my left leg was present. It was very obvious in both the outside of the foot and the calf.

A couple days later, I told my husband that it hadn't gone away as it usually does. A few days later, Mick asked when I was going to have to report it. Hmmm. So this week, I called Dr. G's, my neurologist, office, and they told me to call the research office. After some phone tag, L told me she was getting in touch with Dr. G's office. A little more phone tag and we scheduled an appointment for the time right before I'm heading out of town.

L and I were both late so I apologized to Dr. G for taking his lunch hour. He was very reassuring that he would always see me, something about my MS, blah, blah, blah. Then we discussed my symptoms. He can be very aggressive in his questioning; it seems like an interrogation where you've been caught lying. Gulp.

Then he did the exams, similar to what Dr. M had done the previous week. When he touched my legs, I really couldn't tell the difference. When he did the pin prick test, I thought I had more feeling than previously but the left was not as good as the right. He didn't agree--he jabbed the pin into my left foot--jab, jab, jab, jab, jab. Yep, I feel it.

He made his notes and told me that I *could* be having a relapse but it's not a relapse for the trial protocol. Yay, I don't have to have an infusion. But he wants to know if it gets worse. Which is why I waited so long to report it in the first place.

I saw L again before leaving. She explained that my EDDS score had actually gone down when I saw Dr. G and it was still about the same with Dr. G. Seriously, my score has improved while my foot and leg are numb. WTH.

I noticed that I could see the pinpricks in the top of my left foot--five holes in a little cluster. Wow, he really did jab me. "You will feel this, dammit!" Yep, I feel it burning.

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