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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is coconut water good, and other things.

After spending some time gardening, I thought I'd have some coconut water, which I heard was a substitute for Gatorade. I had one that also had pineapple. It wasn't terrible. It wasn't great either. My husband had a sip and thought it was okay. I think that's the verdict. It's okay.

I was going to redo my nail polish on my toes and brought out the cotton balls and polish remover to get started. Of course, that was last night. Mid-day, I realize that the cotton balls are missing. I'm pretty sure Teka ate them. She has been chewing up a LOT of paper products. [When I got home from the TJ's run--see below--she had shredded a coupon binder. Nothing is safe anymore.]

Mick and I met his friend A for lunch at Red Robin. It's not the one nearest my house. I asked my usual questions. The waiter made me nervous--he said all the fries were gluten-free; when I pressed, he said the other stuff is fried separately. I ordered the guacamole burger with no cheese and no bun, protein style (yes, I do say both although it's redundant--people are idiots, as I'm about to explain), no seasoning, and fries with no seasoning.

When my meal came, I opened up my "sandwich" to add ketchup. And at the bottom of my burger was a piece of melted cheese (not even the kind that comes on that burger?!) I. Freaked. Out. It's probably the worst or second worst I've behaved about my allergies. I picked up my basket, trying not to shake, I was so upset, and walked towards the kitchen. The waiter tried to intercept me but I brushed him off, saying that I wanted to talk to THE person who would be preparing my food.

A man was coming out of the serving/kitchen area and stopped me to ask if he could help. I restated that I only wanted to talk to the person who would be preparing my food. He said he would so I explained that I am *allergic* to wheat and diary and I cannot eat a burger that had cheese on it and I don't appreciate someone trying to hide their mistake and could he make me a completely different one. So he did.

Soybean oil
When he brought it out, he was shaking. My husband was pretty mortified I think. The friend was with us at the other restaurant where I behaved poorly--in their opinions, not mine. I think that I have every fucking right to be a bitch when you put crap on my food and then "fix" it without giving me the option to NOT. Get. Sick.

Malt (barley)
We left and went to the Apple store for A. What a freaking zoo. Then we went to AMC to see the Expendables 2. By then I was feeling gurgly. Was it just stress? Or did I actually get contaminated? Oh, at AMC, they charge for their little membership card now. Since we rarely go to the movies and I don't need their coupons since I can't eat or drink anything there, I can't see any reason to pay for it. The movie was, well, good for the guys. It wasn't terrible.

Autolyzed yeast extract
I've mentioned that almost all broth in cans and cartons contains yeast extract. I've had several people tell me that I should get it at Trader Joe's, but I remember looking and deciding I couldn't have it. After finding the beef broth at Walmart recently, someone else told me that TJ's broth was safe. So I checked it out.

Natural chicken flavor?
I wish I was wrong, but I wouldn't consider any of these safe. So now, for some things, I am a Walmart shopper. But I'm not going to dress like one.

Sheldon Copper to Penny: "When I correct people, I am raising them up. You should know--I do it for you more than anyone."

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