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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Progressive Cityscape Night

We met our friends, M and H, and R and one of his girlfriends A, and his friend T for dinner at Arrogant Butcher. I had a very good experience last time we went there. We were in a separate room this time--maybe they were warned about the rowdies! We told some great stories since the new girl was there. I couldn't believe that H still has the super short and small shorts she bought for me when I got wasted and let it out all over myself at Kings House. She wore them for an eighties party! Hahahaha.

I had a glass of wine. The waitress was fantastic about checking things for me. I had some of the meat appetizers. I ordered seabass and asparagus, and a beet salad to start. R also got the beet salad. It comes with manchego, one of my favorite cheeses, but I got mine without. Well, I ordered mine without. The salads came together and looked identical--covered in cheese. Mick was concerned about me making a scene after the recent Red Robin fiasco so I patiently waited for the waitress to return. And then R was gone, and came back, soon followed by the waitress with a new salad for me. She gave the wrong salad to the rest of the table. R loves that places mess up my order so everyone else gets freebies. The dinner was very good and we headed out.

We went to Lucky Strike and there was Patron all around. I had one and then cut myself off for the night. The birthday boy got 5 strikes in a row.

We headed to a club next and there was dancing on the roof. The music was a little to electronic and boring for me but it was okay. Except for the guys that thought they had to dance like it was a mild mosh pit. Grr.

We went to Hanny's next; it's an interesting place with a really, really weird downstairs. The people who were still drinking got a round and then it was last call. At 1:15. The drunks were not happy. We left to go to an Irish pub that has last call at 1:45. We couldn't find it but my (unusually outgoing) husband approached guys on the street who were carrying a case of beer and talked them into giving him and T a beer each for the price of a high five. Seriously, drunk people are so entertaining. We called it a night shortly after that. Mick is so hung over. I like being the designated driver with this crowd. And R has accepted that 2 is my limit since I know that I have impaired judgement at 3.

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