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Monday, September 17, 2012

Left Eye

It's been three months, so I had my monthly visit for the drug extension trial as well as a visit to the neurologist, Dr. M. First, he starts with the eye test. I start with my right eye and slowly read the bottom line. Then switch to my left eye. Wow, that's blurry. But I can see--it's just blurry. I decide to skip the bottom line and take the next one up. I focus on the letter and see it clearly, move to the next now-blurry letter, focus and it becomes clear. I make it through the line in that manner.

In the exam room, we go through many of the same tests we do each time. When he gets to the little pin pricks, yes, I feel it, yes, the same on the other side--my face, upper and lower back, and so on. Until he gets to my feet. No, I don't feel that on the left side of my left foot. It's okay on the right foot. I barely feel that on the back of my left calf. It's okay on the right. He retests me on my arms and back. Hmmm. He asks about my balance, which I haven't noticed any issues with. But I am walking around on a half numb foot and partially numb leg.

It's amazing to me that I walk around like this and don't even notice some of these changes because I'm so used to them gradually coming and going. And when I touch my leg, I don't really notice the lack of sensation as noticeably as when he pinpricks me.

When we are done, I go to the research office which is at a new location across the parking lot from the doctor. I don't like the new location but maybe they are still working out the kinks. It seems like they are just using space in a pain center office. There is no equipment for taking vitals in the room we go into. We go into another part of the building so she can take my weight. And the urine cup is weird, more of a snap top attached instead of the screw on lid.

Maybe it's not their fault, but I am annoyed. Why is there no hook for a purse or sweater in any of these bathrooms in doctors' offices? Don't they know how germy bathrooms are? So in this bathroom, there was a shelf. It was covered with stuff. Deodorizer, Kleenex, whatever. But no room for my purse.

(TLC featuring T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chilli)

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