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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Agility is it's own reward

Our local Weimaraner club has perpetual trophies. Each year, a name can be added; the next year, it can go to another person. Although we have a club member who has agility titles that beat mine, she doesn't put her application in, so for the third year in a row, Cassi and I got the agility trophy. This is her last since we didn't title at all in 2012. Several trophies had no applicants and I'm guessing that is what will happen until next year when another agility person will have her new dog in trials possibly.

Our awards banquet was at Garcia's--the original one, kind of (the actual original is across the parking lot). I talked with the waitress and she assured me that the chips are corn and fried separately. We had a limited menu but she let me order a taco, tostada, enchilada plate and substitute so I actually got 3 chicken tacos with no cheese. She thought I might be able to have the tostada; I told her to check. She told me they use lard in the beans and the rice is just vegetables and spices so they were both safe as long as the beans were not topped with cheese.

When the lunches came, I was tallying votes for the photo contest. Mick had apparently told them that the meal they put in my place wasn't mine--it had cheese. He noticed and spoke up. Wow. Neat.

I was surprised when I got my meal that the tacos were the fried kind, not soft tacos. But she assured me they were okay. They tasted very good with the addition of the salsa. I was also surprised that mine didn't come with beans and rice. I noticed someone else with "my plate" without the substitutions and she did not have beans and rice either.

The person who made gift bags for the attendees also made baggies of dog cookies. She put them on the little plates on the table that people used for their chips and salsa. I didn't use my little plate. She also put candy in the bags--it was like Halloween come early--Reese's cups and Whoppers and more, oh my. Well, Mick will enjoy them anyway. And the calendar is very good although only one of Cassi's photos made it.

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