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Monday, February 13, 2012

Jill cat

Jill started peeing blood this weekend, so I knew it was time.  She has been eating less, losing weight, had a leaking cyst on one side of her face and was tearing up the other side of her face.  She had dental issues, allergy issues, potty issues, ear infections.  She was just a mess.  She's always been a mess.  So I was really surprised when I called the vet to make her final appointment that I was suddenly crying.

A couple of ladies in my work office had told me I looked stressed, and I thought, wow, this hair style is really not working for me.  But after I broke down in tears, I realized that I must have been dreading making the call.  I cried several times before I finally got home.

My husband was already home and he had taken her out to the back yard to roam.  She's always liked smaller spaces so she tried to stay close to the wall, which of course, made us nervous.  He let Cassi out, then Teka, and they both checked her out.  When it was time, we took her to the same vet where Kachina went.

The vet was very sweet, told us about her 2 cats who died of Valley Fever (cats don't do as well as dogs, not that all dogs do well either), and she was crying over Jill.  She thought we took good care of her.  As Jill stopped breathing, she stuck her tongue out.  The vet put it back in her mouth and notice a purple mass under her tongue.  She was worse off than I thought.  It was her time.

I'm still shocked at how upset I am.  She was the least favorite cat I've ever had, but I took care of her as my responsibility.  I know it's terrible to say, but she's been aloof, messy, sick, scared, frustrating....  And I know that I'm a little upset that I may not have another cat again.  I've had cats for more than half of my life; I've had Kachina and Jill for almost half my life!

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  1. It's hard to put down any pet, no matter their disposition in life. Jill was really happy the last few months while living in the laundry room, and every time I went in to see her she purred. Remember the happy Jill that used to snuggle with you after your accident, and know she's much better off now.

    You can come and pet our babies anytime.

  2. Thank you for the reminder--you're going to make me cry again! Your babies love me. :)

  3. My babies DO love you. Mostly. But Callie only counts when she's not being a bitch.