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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Armadillo Grill (again)

I was invited to lunch (on the boss) with a group, and we went to Armadillo Grill.  It has that sports bar vibe (they were showing horse races in the bar area today) but the food is better than sports bars.  There is still not much I can eat (sports bars and buffets--not my friends, I'm telling you) but they usually have some variety of salmon in parchment on their specials.

Today's special was with wild rice and veggies and a sauce.  My version was with a lemon butter sauce, white rice and seasoned veggies.  It was very good and I ate it all.  Seasoning makes me nervous, and the rice was not all that white so I wonder if there was broth I should be nervous about (or maybe it was the lighting), but it tasted good and I was already having pain.  Grr, pain, grr.  Their blackberry jasmine unsweetened green ice tea is yum.  There were a couple desserts ordered for everyone to share.  Everyone but me.  sigh.

I got back to the office, and the person who is most offended by my dietary restrictions (yes, you read that right, my diet totally inconveniences him) left me some bottle caps or whatever that candy is called.  Although the ingredients don't list anything I'm allergic to, it lists 3 or 4 artificial colors, as well as some questionable what is that stuff ingredients.  Oh, yeah, I don't LIKE gummy type candy, with few exceptions.  So I had to explain (when he asked) that I don't like that type of candy and that would actually be somewhat important, nearly as much as the ingredients.  I'm a terrible person.  And the worst dinner guest ever.

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