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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I was invited to lunch with my department and they chose Zinburger.  It's my time to have some red meat, so I thought that sounded like a good enough idea.  I spoke with the waitress about my issues and was assured that the beef burgers are only beef.  For the seasoning, I gave her the list to check: soy, yeast, eggs, wheat, diary.  The fries (ordered separately) are not gluten-free.  I had a green ice tea and a mushroom burger with no bun, no cheese, and no mayo.  I thought about getting a salad on the side, but their salads were pretty expensive, especially on top of a $14 burger.

The burger was fine, and I left full.  But like my previous meal out this week, I was not really satisfied.  If I were to go again, I would consider getting a salad instead of the burger.  (For anyone who is not restricted, this place would be a calorie-fest; apparently, they have amazing milkshakes.)

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