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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pickled radishes

My radishes decided to be ready all at once, mostly.  As soon as they are picked, they start getting soft, so I thought I would pickle them.  I looked for recipes and they all say pickling spices but I don't know what that means!  A friend sent me some recipes so I kind of put them together for my try at pickled radishes.  I put them in apple cidar vinegar until I could get the spices.  I got some dill a couple days later and added a bunch.  The next day, I found pickling spices in the "bulk" jars of spices at Sprouts (NOT in the big bulk bins) so I got a little and added to my jars of radishes.  I waited and then tried one.  Oh.  That was terrible.  Unsavable.  Blech.  Waste of radishes.  So sad.

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