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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm eating now

I picked up some Spice Hunter Jamaican Jerk Salt Free Seasoning, on sale, at Sprouts.  I put some on both sides of two pieces of chicken and pan sauteed them in olive oil.  Once browned, I added some vegetable broth and water and covered until cooked through.  It was not spicy at all but it was very tasty.  I served it with mashed potatoes.  I used Yukon Gold (my favorite for mashed potatoes).  I mashed the cooked potatoes with 1/2 cup of the potato liquid, a little Earth Balance soy free spread, some salt, rice milk, coconut milk creamer, and a lot of pepper.

I have tried several Enjoy Life brand cookies; so far, the gingerbread cookies are my favorite.  They are awesome with some almond milk and Kahlua.  There were some NEW! cookies: Crunchy Sugar Crisp Cookies.  Wow, I did not think that allergy friendly cookies could be so yummy.  Maybe I'm just delusional since I've been eating this way for a now and haven't had real sugar cookies in so long, but really, they are really, really close to real sugar cookies.

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