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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Productively exhausting

My friend K offered me her spoon yesterday, after she was done with her cereal, just in case I ran out of energy.  I ran out of spoons yesterday and kept right on going, all the way through today.

Against my wishes, I got out of bed this morning, did a few things around the house, and get ready to go bowling.  K made some "cereal" and gave me a portion yesterday, so I had that for breakfast.  I made it too soupy, but it wasn't bad.  I think it needs something sweet in it, maybe fruit or something or maybe I'll try sweetened almond milk next time.

When bowling, I usually walk up to the line, stop, find my mark and throw the ball.  My mark is very close to the foul line so I haven't figured out the moving ball throw that everyone else does.  I also do more of a lunge than the leg to the side thing that everyone else does.  I wanted to be more fluid in my movement, so K worked with me to change my starting position and my "mark" so that I could practice.  I think it will help but it seems so akward.

We had to go get gas before we met our friends for lunch, so I dropped Mick at Home Depot to return a leaky garden hose and went to get gas.  All the lines were about the same length, but the line I got in had the two slowest gas pumpers ever.  I almost changed lines, but I almost backed into someone who came up behind me, so I stayed put.  Hmmph.  While I was pumping gas, the attendant was talking to the lady on the other side of the pump about how he worked at a company for 18 years (after being at another company even longer) and, when he left, he took his retirement money out and spent it all last year, some on his girls.  Wow.

We went to a new Thai restaurant for lunch where I was told they don't use soy in any of their curries.  I had pumpkin curry with chicken with medium heat, and it was very good, with a nice amount of spice for me.  The pumpkin seemed to have part of the skin on the pieces, so I picked them out and ate parts of them.  The curry sauce was drinkable it was so good.  The ice tea was meh; I would get hot tea next time.

Mick and I had a list of errands to run, so we headed to Moon Valley to check on our pecan tree we've been waiting for.  N has been helping my husband and was there; he said the trees were coming in next week.  He checked to see if they had any ixora that was recommended for the shady spot between my roses by our front door.  He came back with one and said it was in terrible shape, but the best they had, so we could have it at no charge.  We paid for our buy-one-get-one Moon Juice that Mick is using on the trees and left.

We returned the cat food I had purchased for Jill right before she died; we bought some toys and training treats for the dogs.  We went to Target for some shopping, not everything I needed to look for there, but we got a baby shower gift (not on the registry--the worst registry I've ever seen; I know they've registered elsewhere but it was seriously all diapers) and some cleaning supplies.  We headed home and I laid down for a little rest while he took the dogs out.  And then we're off!

We went to J's for an Oscar party without the Oscars.  R made smoked pork butt, bacon wrapped venison, and chicken with soy in the marinade; he made another batch of non-soy chicken later, so that was my "dessert."  The pork was fantastic, the chicken was very good, and the venison was good.  I got my veggies, too; I had some salad with my meat.

We got home around 10, so I did the very minimum possible.  Good night.

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