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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

But I looked so good.

I started my blog pretty unceremoniously three years ago.  I'm up to three followers!  If I ever get up-to-date, I'm thinking I should go public.  I'm boring enough that anyone who runs across it will probably keep going rather than stay, but it could be interesting.  And I would be able to search my blog if it were published.  Decisions.

I started my blog as another attempt to keep a journal, a recommendation by Matthew Taylor.  I was seeing him because of terrible pain issues that seemed super random.  I don’t want to live a mediocre life...It's draining.  He helped me cope with the pain and deal with some of my back issues.

Seven years ago, this month, I was numb from the ribcage down to my toes.  I saw a neurologist recommended by my friend.  I bypassed going to a doctor because I thought that I had done something to my back--the last time I had numbness was after my second back surgery.  (The back surgeries were due to a car accident that left me with a fractured spine.)  The neurologist immediately suspected MS, and said a few tests would be done to rule out other issues.  As we all know, every possibility was ruled out and I have MS.  I remember this month every year.  My husband's brother got married in Las Vegas at the Venetian.  I stood up for his wife.  She paid for us to have our hair and makeup done and I looked stunning.  No one could tell that something was wrong with me.  I was numb.  You can't see numbness.

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