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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Upsetting or something.

I made the porridge as it was written, with pumpkin seeds, but using ground flax seed since I have it.  It seemed weird putting whole pumpkin seeds, but I tried it anyway.  It was terrible.  I will have to get pepitas or sunflower seeds and try again.  Seriously, it was gross.  I'm throwing those pumpkin seeds away.  I had an apple with honey peanut butter instead.

My prescription for Provigil has increased in price again.  To $459.67.  WTF!  I can't believe that I am paying over $400 for this!  I'm tempted to take it even less than I do now--I tend to skip it on days I don't work or at least once on the weekend anyway.  On the upside, I'll hit my maximum deductible faster.

I didn't have long for lunch after getting my prescription, so I picked up an ice tea and went to the office to eat my frozen dinner, Organic Bistro Salmon.  It's pretty good, and it's one of a very, very few frozen foods I can eat, but I was pretty hungry soon after.  I was worried that it made me feel bad, but it's possible that I was already feeling kind of not good, and there's really nothing in it that I can't have.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.


  1. Yeah, the pumpkin seeds are so awful! I only ate them once before I switched to sunflower seeds. I ended up finding raw and unsalted sunflower seeds in the bulk section, but aleady bagged.

  2. I'll be looking for them when I get back out to the grocery stores.