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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Climb to Conquer Cancer at South Mountain

at the top
We have done the Climb to Conquer Cancer a couple of times and we talked some friends into coming this time.  We walked up the paved side and came back down the National hiking trail instead of riding the bus down.
me and the girls

Our total hike ended up around 8.5 miles.  I found some it to be pretty difficult--I'm so out of shape or out of condition or whatever.  I felt like I might have gotten a little too much sun and not enough water (or Gatorade).

not one, but two allergy alerts!

We went to Red Robin for lunch on the patio.  I got a guacamole burger with no bun, no cheese, no mayo, and fries with salsa.  The waitress confirmed that the sweet potato fries are not safe because they are coated.  I had a skinny margarita which was pretty good, if small (compared to the regular margaritas).  We talked a little about my blog and my husband decided that I could call him Mick instead of my husband or DH.

We dropped everyone off and headed home.  My FIL and MIL were coming over to help Mick with some yard work.  While he was waiting for them, I cleaned house and did laundry, although I was so tired from the walking and hiking.  When they arrived, I went outside and cleaned up the doggie poop.  It was too hot for that--I felt so tired and a little head-achy!  I got a lot done this afternoon but I'm so beat. Now dinner....

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